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Jordan grabbed 22 rebounds this game

Le 20 November 2017, 08:26 dans Humeurs 0

Jordan grabbed 22 rebounds this game, career rebounds to break through 7,000, reaching 7013 Matt Lengel Jersey, ranked 105 history, ahead of grab 7,323 rebounds Schlumpf. He is also the second time this season, a single rebound over Twenty. 20 points and 22 rebounds is also Jordan's Clippers career the 20th to get 20 +20 data to become the Clippers history get the most data this player Jonathan Jones Jersey. 76 people will be against the Warriors. The Warriors have just lost to the Celtics, ending a seven-game winning streak, the Big Four urgently need to recover the state with a victory. 76ers good momentum, the past 9 games won 7 games, Simmons and Embeed combination of more and more powerful Elandon Roberts Jersey, whether they can use their home advantage to capture the Warriors? Tencent Sports will be the game live video Damarius Travis Jersey. It is worth mentioning that in the first half of today's game, the Wizards to 29-50 behind the starting Wall in 5 minutes in 16 minutes 5 0, a scoreless. According to ESPN Data Center, this is the seventh time in his career that he has not earned a single point in half.

Warriors 11 wins and 4 losses

Le 20 November 2017, 08:26 dans Humeurs 0

Warriors 11 wins and 4 losses, temporarily ranked second in the west, nearly 10 games 8 wins and 2 losses; 76 people currently 8 wins and 6 losses, temporarily ranked fifth in the east, nearly 10 games 7 wins and 3 losses. Warriors are full health status, 76 of the Fuer Ci, Justin - Anderson and Staufers have injuries in the body. Clippers battle overtime Cavalry by overtime knight, suffered an embarrassing seven-game losing streak, the service Clippers "Twin Towers" Griffin and Jordan have dazzling performance, the former got 23 points and 12 rebounds Shea McClellin Jersey, the latter cut 20 points and 22 rebounds Cole Croston Jersey, but Beverly, Teodosic and Gallinari and other Lord will be injured due to injury, which undoubtedly affected the ability of the Clippers offensive and defensive, but also to Rivers employing hard-pressed. Clippers now urgently need a victory to get rid of the decline, I do not know on the 19th back-to-back with the Hornets game, Clippers can get it D.J. Foster Jersey. Rockets will go away to challenge the Grizzlies, which is the last time the two teams play against this season. Just a month since the start of the regular season, the Rockets and the Grizzlies will have to deal with four times, the schedule is quite interesting Nate Solder Jersey, Tencent Sports will be broadcast live video game.

In the star duel

Le 20 November 2017, 08:26 dans Humeurs 0

In the star duel, just struggled under the career high of 45 points, Hippi will give the Warriors inside a lot of pressure, but also worth noting is another set of players duel, the Warriors may send Durant to mark the top man Big Simmons, both men are very comprehensive players Mike Gillislee Jersey, the contest between them makes people look forward to Shaq Mason Jersey. Hornets like the Clippers eager to win, because the Charlotte are also going through a wave of six-game losing streak, the face of the average war on the Bulls, the Hornets to get the opponent 123 points, and ultimately defeat by 3 points, Kemba - Walker crazy hit 47 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, but the other players do not have much dazzling performance David Harris Jersey, Howard played 28 minutes to get 11 points. "Warcraft" will be on the 19th bit Jordan Matt Lengel Jersey, the center showdown will be quite good. Duke 78-61 easily beat Southern University, Baghley last game because the eyes were poked and retired, and today he comeback scored 19 points and 11 rebounds. On a brilliant shooter Grayson - Allen only 10 points cold touch, but Wendell - Carter to fill his open fire, scored 20 points and 11 rebounds.

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